Boo! These 22 ghost coloring pages are your key to spook-tacular fun

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Ghost coloring pages from PrintColorFun com

Get creative with these ghost coloring pages!

When the crisp air of October begins to rustle through the leaves, it’s a sign that the eerie — yet oh-so-thrilling! — season of Halloween is near. An engaging and creative way to usher in the spooky season for little ones is with a ghost coloring page activity.

Halloween coloring page with a flying ghost

These kid-friendly coloring pages offer a canvas for young minds to explore their creativity while immersing themselves in the playful side of the holiday. With a variety of designs ranging from friendly to spooky ghosts, these pages cater to different tastes and interests. (Want to really get with the theme? Check out this easy Halloween ghost costume how-to.)

With these ideas, you’ll find that engaging with a ghost coloring page is more than just a coloring activity, but a door to a world filled with learning opportunities and imaginative exploration.

Ghost coloring pages: Halloween ghost with a witch hat in front of a haunted house

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Halloween ghost coloring page

Spooky ghost coloring page with spiderwebs

Ways you can make learning fun while using printable ghost colouring pages

Here’s a brief look at what can be achieved with a ghost coloring page printable — and, note, these are just the beginning!

  • Story-telling boost: Ghost coloring pages can be the spark to ignite a young storyteller’s imagination. The back story of each ghostly figure awaits to be told.
  • Emotional expression: Ghosts can be funny, scary, or friendly. Coloring these pages allows for exploration of emotions in a safe and creative environment.
  • Cultural awareness: Ghost tales and images differ across cultures. The ghost coloring page activity can be a starting point to explore these differences.

Tiny ghost shapes to color

Halloween coloring page with 4 little ghosts

Halloween coloring page with 4 small ghosts

Halloween coloring page with 4 small simple ghosts

Spooky ghost at night - Cartoon coloring

Three little happy ghosts

Simple ghost shape line art for Halloween (4)

Simple ghost shape line art for Halloween (1)

Ghost Halloween coloring pages: Supplemental activities

Ready to add more depth to the ghost coloring adventure? Here are some new angles:

  1. Music and sound exploration: Discover spooky or playful ghost-themed songs, like in the video below, and explore the sounds that often accompany ghost stories in media.
  2. Spectral science: Explore simple science concepts like transparency and light with ghostly themes. Create a “ghost” with a white balloon and experiment with light and shadow.
  3. Art beyond the page: Use the ghost coloring page as a springboard to other art forms. Create ghostly clay figures or fabric ghosts using the coloring pages as a reference. You could even help your child make a ghost Halloween costume!
  4. Ghostly games: Invent a simple ghost-themed game using colored pages. It could be a friendly ghost hunt or a memory-matching game with different ghost expressions.

Ghost coloring pages: Color in this spooky (but cute) ghost trio

Three spooky ghosts for Halloween

Simple ghost shape line art for Halloween (2)

Simple ghost shape line art for Halloween (3)

Spooky simple ghost costume for trick-or-treating (2)

Spooky simple ghost costume for trick-or-treating (3)

Spooky simple ghost costume for trick-or-treating (1)

Cute ghost with a hat coloring page

Cute Halloween ghost coloring page

Halloween ghost coloring page: Ghostly trick-or-treater 

This trick-or-treater in a ghost costume is all ready to gather candy and other Halloween treats!

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Halloween ghost costume

Halloween coloring page with a ghost and bats

Three silly ghosts Halloween coloring page


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