These 10 Mayan pyramid coloring pages can make ancient history fun!

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Mayan pyramids: Coloring pages your kids will love

If you’re always on the lookout for creative and educational fun, you’ve hit the jackpot. Mayan pyramid coloring pages offer a unique blend of art and learning. These activities are not just a splash of color, but a brush with history!

Why are Mayan pyramids so fascinating?

Imagine ancient skyscrapers, only covered in mystery and vines. The Mayan civilization built these grand structures for religious events, astronomical studies, and sometimes even as a final resting place. Picture the pyramids at Tikal or Chichen Itza, with their intricate carvings and awe-inspiring heights.

10 coloring pages of ancient Mayan pyramids

Here are various depictions of some old Mayan-style pyramids, along with representations of a few ancient Mayan gods.

Mayan pyramid coloring pages

Ancient Mayan pyramid coloring page (2)

10 facts about the Mayan pyramids

  1. Mayan pyramids were primarily religious temples, but they also served other functions like astronomical observatories.
  2. The pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza has 365 steps, representing the days of the year.
  3. Unlike the straight-sided pyramids of Egypt, Mayan pyramids often have a more stepped design.
  4. The Mayans never used metal tools to construct their pyramids; they used stone tools and manual labor.
  5. The city of Tikal houses one of the tallest Mayan pyramids, which stands at 230 feet.
  6. Inside some pyramids, archaeologists have discovered tombs of Mayan rulers.
  7. Many Mayan pyramids align with astronomical events, like solstices and equinoxes.
  8. The Mayan pyramid at Uxmal, known as the Pyramid of the Magician, has an oval base, which is rare.
  9. As the Mayan civilization evolved, their architectural styles changed, leading to different designs and purposes for their pyramids.
  10. Some pyramids have been discovered beneath existing ones, suggesting they were built on top of older structures.

Ancient Mayan pyramid coloring page (4)

Ancient Mayan pyramid coloring page (6)

Tips to introduce these ancient Mayan temples:

  • Picture time: Begin with Mayan pyramid coloring pages to capture your child’s imagination.
  • Storytelling: Make history come alive with a story that incorporates these ancient wonders.
  • Hands-on building: After coloring, why not let your young architect build their own pyramid with blocks, or make a model Mayan pyramid.

Ancient Mayan pyramid coloring page (8)

More enriching activities to accompany Mayan pyramid coloring pages

  1. Memory match: Create Mayan pyramid-themed memory cards. Have kids color two identical pages, cut out specific shapes or glyphs, and then play a matching game.
  2. Math with pyramids: Use the pyramid layers on the coloring pages for basic math exercises. Count the layers, multiply the blocks in each, or add different components together.
  3. Geography lesson: Place the colored pyramids on a map where the real pyramids are located. Discuss their geographical significance.
  4. Art gallery: Curate an art gallery — complete with informational placards —  with the finished Mayan pyramid coloring pages.
  5. Trivia time: Share the above facts or find new ones about Mayan pyramids. It can be an exciting way to add an educational twist to the coloring session.
  6. Map it out: Show your child a map of where the Mayan civilization was located. Discuss the countries that are there now and explore their cultures.
  7. Mayan pyramid diorama: Create a scene depicting daily life around a Mayan pyramid using clay figures, paper, and other craft materials.

Simple Mayan pyramid coloring pages for kids

Ancient Mayan pyramid coloring page (7)

Simple Ancient Mayan pyramid coloring page

Ancient Mayan pyramid coloring page (5)

Exploring Mayan pyramid coloring pages offers a unique blend of education and entertainment. While the act of coloring is therapeutic and fun, the rich history behind the drawings adds depth to the experience.

By incorporating some of the activities suggested here, you can make your child’s journey through the world of Mayan pyramids both enlightening and enjoyable. Remember, every coloring session is an opportunity for growth, bonding, and discovery. Enjoy the colorful journey!

Ancient Mayan pyramid adult coloring pages

Ancient Mayan pyramid coloring page (3)

Ancient Mayan pyramid adult coloring page


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