11 knight clipart drawings & coloring pages: Royal protectors in armor, just like in fairytales

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Knight clipart & coloring pages open a door to the brave world of knighthood

Knights in shining armor often ride through the pages of fairytales and into the minds of children, capturing their imaginations with stories of bravery, adventure, and chivalry.

These legendary heroes, clad in their gleaming metal armor, have been a symbol of valor and protection, guarding kingdoms, saving damsels in distress, and fighting fearsome dragons. Let’s take a closer look into their enchanting world!
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Who were knights?

Knights were warriors who lived in medieval times, a period that stretched from the 5th to the late 15th century. They were bound by a code of conduct known as chivalry, which included values like courage, honor, and courtesy towards all, especially those in need of protection.

Knights were often depicted as the ideal hero, serving their king or queen and the people of their land.

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The armor they wore

Imagine wearing a suit made entirely of metal! That was what a knight’s armor was like, designed to protect them from swords and arrows in battle. The armor included a helmet to protect the head, a breastplate for the chest, gauntlets for the hands, and greaves for the legs, among other pieces. Each suit of armor was tailor-made to fit the knight perfectly, allowing for the best protection.

Living in a castle

Many knights lived in castles, which were large fortified buildings made to defend against enemies. Castles had high walls, towers, and a drawbridge that could be raised or lowered. Inside, there was a courtyard, living quarters, and often a grand hall where feasts were held. Knights would train in the art of combat in the castle grounds, preparing for any battles to come.

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Knights and their steeds

No knight in shining armor is complete without his trusty steed—a brave and loyal horse trained for battle. These horses wore protective gear called barding, which was made of leather or metal. Riding into battle, the knight and his steed were an imposing sight, ready to face any challenge together.

Knights in fairytales

In fairytales, knights go on daring quests, face dangerous foes, and use their wit and bravery to overcome obstacles. They venture into enchanted forests, climb mountains, and explore dark caves in search of adventure. With a trusty sword at their side, they stand up for what is right, protecting the innocent and seeking justice.

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Boy knight and horse coloring page from PrintColorFun com (2)

Knight in armor coloring page from PrintColorFun com (1)

Knight in armor coloring page from PrintColorFun com (2)

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Fun activities to explore the world of knights

  • Create your shield: Design a shield with your own family crest or symbols that represent you. What colors will you choose? What animal or symbol will be in the center? (See some shield shapes you can use here.)
  • Knightly tales: Write a short story about a knight going on a quest. What does the knight seek? What challenges do they face along the way?
  • Dress up: Make your own knight armor out of cardboard and aluminum foil. Don’t forget your helmet and sword!
  • Castle building: Use blocks or cardboard boxes to construct your own castle. Who lives in it? What adventures happen there? (See castle coloring pages & activities here!)

Knights in shining armor remind us of the virtues of courage, honor, and the pursuit of noble deeds. They teach us that anyone can be a hero in their own story, standing up for what’s right and helping those in need. So, the next time you read a fairytale or create your own, remember the brave knights and their adventures that continue to inspire us all.

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