Antarctica map coloring pages & printables

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Antarctica map coloring pages

Ever wanted to know about one of the most distant lands on our planet? Here are a few Antarctica map coloring pages & printables!

Below, you will find a blank outline, one showing place names, another with the land claims from various nations, and the last showing the area’s position on our globe.

Fast facts & polar trivia

  • Antarctica is earth’s southernmost continent, but is not a country
  • It is mostly uninhabitable, no indigenous inhabitants, no economy, and no agriculture
  • The only people who live there (part-time) are researchers — depending on the weather, there are between 1,000 and 6,000 of them at any given time (including those onboard ships)
  • Antarctica is about 8.82 million square miles in size
  • 98% percent of the continent is covered with a thick ice sheet, and just 2% of the area is rock
  • It is the coldest, windiest, and driest continent on Earth, which is why it’s called a polar desert
  • East Antarctica is a little cooler than West Antarctica (due to higher elevation)
  • The area’s highest point is Vinson Massif, which is 4,892 meters high (16,049 feet)
  • The name “Antarctica” comes from two Greek words meaning “opposite to the Arctic” or “opposite the north”
  • For researchers to come and go, it has 17 airports (with unpaved runways) and 53 heliports for helicopters

Antarctica map coloring pages & printables

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Antarctica map coloring pages and printables (4)

Antarctica map coloring pages and printables (3)

Antarctica map coloring pages and printables (1)

Antarctica map coloring pages and printables (2)

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