Queen Nefertiti coloring pages: Ancient Egyptian royalty

Queen Nefertiti coloring pages

Nefertiti was a queen and the Great Royal Wife of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, and lived between about 1370 BCE and 1330 BCE.

But that’s not all: she was also the stepmother (and mother-in-law) of one of the most well-known rulers of Ancient Egypt: King Tutankhamun.

A woman who was renowned for her beauty, here are three different artists’ depictions of  Nefertiti, all based on the very old painted stucco-coated limestone bust shown above.

The statue was made in her image back in 1345 BCE, and was rediscovered in 1912.

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Queen Nefertiti coloring pages - Ancient Egypt (2)

Queen Nefertiti coloring pages - Ancient Egypt (1)

Queen Nefertiti - Front view

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