16 ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses: Coloring page printables & learning activities

Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses coloring pages education and activities at Print Color Fun
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Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses coloring pages education and activities at Print Color Fun

Peek into the long-lost world of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses

For thousands of years, from about 5000 BCE to the 4th century CE (that’s from about 7,000 to 1,600 years ago) people in ancient Egypt believed in a big family of gods and goddesses.

These special beings were like superheroes who looked after different parts of life — like different parts of nature (the sun, the sky, various animals), love, war, staying healthy, and what happens after we pass away.

Just like some clothing styles and cars become more popular at different times, these gods and goddesses also had times when people paid more or less attention to them.

Hieroglyphic carvings in ancient Egyptian temple
Hieroglyphic carvings and paintings on the interior walls of an ancient Egyptian temple in Dendera (Photo by Kokhanchikov/Freepik)

Types of Egyptian gods and goddesses

Egyptian gods and goddesses took on various forms and attributes. Some were animal-headed, like Horus, who had the head of a falcon, while others appeared human, like Isis.

  1. Ra: The sun god, often considered the king of the gods
  2. Osiris: God of the afterlife and resurrection
  3. Isis: Goddess of magic and Osiris’s wife
  4. Horus: God of the sky and son of Osiris and Isis
  5. Anubis: God of mummification
Ancient image of the Egyptian god Anubis carved into a wall in Luxor
Ancient image of the Egyptian god Anubis carved into a wall in Luxor

How long ago were these Egyptian gods and goddesses worshipped?

Worship of these deities started as early as the pre-dynastic period and continued for thousands of years. While the traditional Egyptian religious practices waned with the advent of Christianity and later Islam, the influence of these gods and goddesses can still be seen in art, literature, and modern interpretations of mythology.

Our understanding of these gods and goddesses comes from various sources:

Hieroglyphs and texts: Ancient Egyptians used a form of writing called hieroglyphs. Religious texts like the Pyramid Texts, Coffin Texts, and the Book of the Dead provide valuable insights into their beliefs and practices.

Photo by wanaktek/Envato
Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs carved into a wall (Photo by wanaktek/Envato)

Temples and monuments: Many temples dedicated to these gods and goddesses have been discovered. Temples like those at Karnak and Luxor are filled with inscriptions and reliefs depicting various deities.

Art and sculpture: Sculptures and reliefs found in temples and tombs often depict these gods and goddesses. These works of art not only represent the deities but also show scenes from myths and rituals.

Archaeological finds: Various artifacts, including amulets, statues, and pottery, have been found that feature representations of these gods and goddesses. Many such finds were in the tomb of the well-known Egyptian king Tutankhamun, or King Tut.

Historical records: Writings from neighboring civilizations, like the Greeks and Romans, also provide external viewpoints on Egyptian religious practices.

Ancient Egyptian wall art
Ancient Egyptian wall art

This history’s cultural impact today

While the worship of these gods and goddesses has long ceased to be a part of daily life, their stories and symbols have left an indelible impact on world culture. They appear in modern literature, films, TV shows — and even video games! — demonstrating the lasting legacy of ancient Egyptian civilization.

Enriching educational activities for parents & kids

In addition to the free printable coloring pages that you can download below, here are some more ideas to introduce kids the world of ancient Egyptian mythology.

  1. Make a timeline: To set the context for understanding Egyptian gods and goddesses, you might start with a timeline craft. Using a long strip of paper, mark significant events and periods relevant to ancient Egypt as well as other major events throughout history. This tactile activity can help your child grasp the immense time scale over which these gods were worshipped, dating back to more than 4,000 years ago.
  2. Color and discuss: As you color the gods and goddesses, take the opportunity to discuss their attributes and myths.
  3. Cut and paste: Cut out the colored images and create a storyboard to narrate an ancient Egyptian myth.
  4. Books: Many children’s books offer simplified stories of Egyptian myths.
  5. Museums: Visiting a museum with an Egyptian exhibit can be an educational experience for the entire family.

By engaging in these activities, you not only provide a fun learning experience but also open the door to a rich cultural and historical world.

Close-up of the ancient egyptian papyrus
Close-up of an ancient Egyptian papyrus


Just click on any image below to get a larger printable version!

Ancient Egyptian god of the sky, Horus

Horus, often depicted as a falcon or a man with a falcon head, is one of the most famous gods of ancient Egypt. He represents the sky, war, and hunting.

Ancient Egyptian god of the sky Horus

Amun/Amon Ra Ancient Egyptian god

Amon Ra, known by various names such as Amun, Ammon, and Amen, holds a significant place in ancient Egyptian mythology. He is the god of the sun and air and was particularly revered during the New Kingdom period, especially in the city of Thebes.

Around 2040 BC, Amun (also spelled Amon and Ammon) merged with the god Ra, and this unification elevated him to the status of the supreme god and the king of all gods.

Amun-Ra or Ammon Ancient Egyptian god coloring printable

Ammon - Amun god from ancient Egypt

Egyptian crocodile god Sobek to color

Sobek is a crocodile-headed god representing fertility, military prowess, and the Nile River.

Egyptian crocodile god Sobek to color

Ancient Egyptian god Sobek coloring page

2 pictures of Egyptian sun god Ra to color

Ra is the god of the sun and creation, often considered the king of gods.

Ancient Egyptian sun god Ra to color

Ra - Ancient Egyptian god of the sun

Ancient Egyptian god Anubis

Egyptian god Anubis had the head of a jackal, and both ruled the afterlife, and was the god of mummification. On both of these coloring pages, he holds an ankh — an ancient hieroglyph that means “life.”

Egyptian god - Anubis coloring page

The Egyptian god Anubis with an ankh

Egyptian goddess Bastet, or Bast

Bastet, often depicted as a lioness or a woman with a lioness head, represents home, fertility, and childbirth.
Ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet or Bast

Goddess Hathor from Ancient Egypt coloring

Hathor is often represented as a cow or a woman with cow horns (as shown here) and a sun disk. She is the goddess of love, beauty, and music.

Goddess Hathor from Ancient Egypt coloring

Seth/Set coloring book printable

The Egyptian god Seth, also known as Set, was known as the god of the desert, of chaos, and storms.

Seth or Set Egyptian god coloring book printable

Seth-Set old Egyptian coloring book printable

Egyptian goddess: Isis

This coloring page is of Isis,  known as the goddess of magic, healing, motherhood, and fertility.

Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis

Ancient Egyptian god Osiris

Osiris is the god of the afterlife, often depicted as a mummified man.

Ancient Egyptian gods Osiris

Ancient Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis

Ancient Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis

Color the Egyptian god Thot

Thot was a god of wisdom and writing.

Ancient Egyptian god Thot

Egyptian goddess: Sekhmet

Here’s a printable page of Sekhmet, the warrior goddess and goddess of healing for Upper Egypt. She’s shown as a lioness.

Egyptian goddess Sekhmet coloring page

Egyptian god Khonsu coloring printable

Khonsu is the god of the moon and time.

Egyptian god Khonsu coloring printable

Ancient Egyptian god Hor printable to color

Hor is a lesser-known god often associated with the sky like Horus. He is usually depicted wearing a crown.

Ancient Egyptian gods Hor printable to color

Ancient Egyptian Uatchit/Wadjet illustration

Uatchit, also known as Wadjet, was a lesser-known goddess often depicted as a cobra.

Ancient Egyptian Uatchit Wadjet illustration

Old Egyptian priestess hieroglyphic art

Old Egyptian priestess hieroglyph


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