26 Christmas stocking clipart pages for easy craft & coloring fun for the holidays

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Christmas stocking clipart & coloring pages from PrintColorFun com

Make holiday memories with Christmas stocking clipart and these fun & easy craft ideas

Looking for ways to make this holiday season extra special? You’ve come to the right place, because we’re fully stock(ing)ed.

Christmas stockings hung by the fireplace coloring page G PrintColorFun com

Not only do we have original Christmas stocking clipart and coloring pages to spark your creativity, but we’ve also got the history of Christmas stockings… and if that’s not enough to deck your halls, we have got 10 crafts that turn that artful inspiration into festive reality.

So grab your hot cocoa and let’s get into the holiday spirit with these images of festive Santa stockings, and kids hanging them or getting ready to peek inside!

Girl with a Christmas stocking coloring page B PrintColorFun com

The versatility of Christmas stocking coloring pages

Not just for making cute holiday cards or decorations, Christmas stocking clipart is a multi-tasker. You can use them in a range of activities to engage your little one. Sure, they add a festive touch to any digital project, but they’re also great for hands-on crafts and games.

Christmas stocking coloring page N PrintColorFun com

  • Arts and crafts with these holiday printables: Use the clipart as a base to create a customized stocking design. Stick it on a piece of cardboard, and let your child decorate it with glitter, ribbons, or sequins.
  • Interactive games: Create a matching game. Print out pairs of different stockings and turn them into cards. Your child can then match them up, sharpening their memory skills in the process.
  • Christmas stories: Incorporate the Christmas stockings coloring pages into storytelling. Create a mini-book using the images, and let your child make up a story based on the different stockings.

Kids with Christmas stockings coloring page A PrintColorFun com Christmas stockings clipart coloring page - PrintColorFun com The cozy history of Christmas stockings

Have you ever wondered why we hang those socks by the fireplace every December? It turns out Christmas stockings have a long, rich history. It’s a custom that has seen many variations, weaving together folklore, tradition — and a dash of imagination.

Girl with a Christmas stocking coloring page D PrintColorFun com

Origins in Europe

The practice of hanging Christmas stockings has roots in European folklore. One popular story is the tale of St. Nicholas, who lived in what is now modern-day Turkey. The story goes that he wanted to help three poor sisters by giving them gold coins.

To do so discreetly, he dropped the coins down their chimney, where they landed in the stockings drying by the fire. From this tale, the tradition of hanging stockings by the fireplace and filling them with gifts was born.

Boy with a Christmas stocking coloring page T PrintColorFun com

Evolution of the Christmas stocking

What started as an actual sock or stocking soon became a specially designed festive sock-shaped bag. Over the years, stockings became more elaborate, adorned with embroidery, sequins, and all sorts of decorations. Now, Christmas stockings are made from a variety of materials like felt, knitted wool, and even velvet.

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Christmas stockings around the world

Different cultures have put their own spins on this classic tradition. In Italy, for example, a kind witch named La Befana fills children’s stockings with sweets and toys.

In Puerto Rico, children put flowers and greens under their beds for the wise men’s camels, rather than hanging stockings. In Hungary, children shine their boots before placing them by the window, eagerly awaiting gifts from Mikulás, the Hungarian version of St. Nicholas.

Boy with a Christmas stocking coloring page U PrintColorFun com

Stocking stuffers through the years

The types of gifts found in stockings have also evolved. Originally, it was common to find fruits, nuts, and small handmade trinkets. Now, it’s anything from candy canes to high-tech gadgets. Some families even have themes for their stocking gifts, such as “things you can eat” or “miniature toys.”

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We will always love Christmas stockings!

Today, stockings are part of a booming holiday industry. Personalized stockings, pet stockings, and stockings representing pop culture icons have become popular. Even digital variations exist, with apps that let you “fill” a virtual stocking.

Christmas stockings hung by the fireplace coloring page E PrintColorFun com

So, the next time you hang that stocking by the chimney with care, just think of the centuries of tradition and folklore that led to this cozy Christmas practice. Isn’t it fun to be part of something that’s been around for so long? Happy holidays!

Decorative Christmas stocking coloring page printable from PrintColorFun com

Cute Christmas stocking coloring page from PrintColorFun com

5 crafts you can make with Christmas stocking clipart

If you’ve got a collection of Christmas stocking coloring pages, you’re already off to a great start! Those aren’t just for coloring—you can use them for all sorts of crafty adventures. Check out these easy and festive craft ideas to make the holidays even brighter.

Christmas stockings hung by the fireplace coloring page F PrintColorFun com

  1. Stocking garland: Cut out your colored Christmas stocking pages and string them together to create a festive garland.
  2. Gift tags: Before printing, shrink down the Christmas stocking clipart to gift tag size. Once your kiddo colors them in, cut them out and attach them to presents.
  3. Christmas ornaments: Laminate the colored pages, cut out the stockings, and punch a hole at the top. Thread a ribbon through, and voila! You’ve got yourself a homemade ornament.
  4. Holiday placemats: After your child colors the pages, laminate them to create personalized holiday placemats.
  5. Christmas cards: Fold a piece of cardstock in half, and glue a colored Christmas stocking clipart or colored page on the front. Add a cheerful message inside.

Christmas stockings coloring page J PrintColorFun com

Christmas stockings coloring page I PrintColorFun com

5 craft ideas inspired by Christmas stocking template pages

If you’re loving the designs on these Christmas stocking coloring pages, why stop at coloring? These crafts take that inspiration to the next level by using the coloring pages as templates or patterns — a fun and creative way to bring the joy of Christmas stockings off the page and into real life. Perfect for a cozy family craft day!

Christmas stocking coloring page L PrintColorFun com

  1. DIY felt stockings: Make your own mini felt stockings with simple materials like felt sheets, glue, and buttons. Have kids design their stockings just like the ones they colored, adding personal touches with fabric paint or mini pom-poms.
  2. Stocking garland: Cut out stocking clipart and trace the outline onto construction paper or card stock — then cut out those stocking shapes. Decorate them with stickers, glitter or drawn-on designs. String them together with yarn to create a festive garland.
  3. Clay stocking ornaments: Roll out some air-dry clay and place a stocking cutout on top. Trace the stocking shape onto the clay and cut it out. Once it’s dry, paint it to match the designs on your coloring page and thread a ribbon through a small hole at the top to make it an ornament.
  4. Stenciled gift tags: Using cardboard or heavy paper, cut out stocking-shaped tags. Use stencils or freehand designs to decorate, mimicking the patterns seen in the coloring pages. Attach to gifts with ribbon.
  5. Gingerbread Christmas stockings: Take the gingerbread cookie game up a notch by cutting the dough into stocking shapes before baking. Once cooled, let the kids decorate them with icing, mimicking the designs they’ve seen or colored.

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