6 pretty fall wreath coloring pages for craft & learning fun

Autumn wreath coloring pages - Thanksgiving decor from PrintColorFun com
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Fall wreath coloring pages - Thanksgiving decor from PrintColorFun com

Exploring the vibrant hues of autumn with fall wreath coloring pages

Who says wreaths are just for the holiday season? Fall brings an incredible palette of warm colors and natural elements like leaves, pinecones, and acorns that are perfect for wreath designs. And guess what? You don’t have to break the bank or clutter your home with more crafts. Just grab some crayons and get cozy with our fantastic fall wreath coloring pages.

Print out and color these pictures of autumn wreaths for a quick and easy kid-friendly activity that you can then hang up and enjoy.

Beautiful round wreath for fall coloring page from PrintColorFun com

Fall wreath coloring page from PrintColorFun com

Autumn wreath coloring pages: Enrichment ideas for a seasonal splash

But don’t stop at just coloring! You could ramp up the fun and learning with some additional activities that complement the coloring experience.

  1. Nature walk: Before you start coloring, why not go on a nature walk to collect some real leaves? You could talk about the different colors, shapes, and types of leaves you find.
  2. Sort and match: Once back home, sort the leaves by color or size. Then match them to the colors on your fall wreath coloring page. This could be a fun way to help your child make connections between the real world and their artistic endeavors.
  3. Craft time: Use the colored pages as a template to create a real wreath. Cut out the colored leaves and stick them on a circle of cardboard. Add some string, and voila, you have a homemade fall wreath.

Simple fall wreath coloring page from PrintColorFun com

Pretty fall wreath coloring page from PrintColorFun com Fun facts about fall & wreaths to sprinkle in

You could throw in some trivia while coloring to keep the engagement level high. For instance, did you know that leaves change color because of the decrease in chlorophyll, which allows other pigments to shine through? Or that wreaths have been used as a symbol of power and eternity since ancient times? Here are a few more little tidbits to keep the enrichment flowing.

5 fun facts about fall

Feel free to sprinkle these fall facts into your coloring session for some added fun and learning. It’s like seasoning for the mind, and who doesn’t love a little extra flavor?

  1. Daylight Savings Time: Mention that in many places, the clocks are set back an hour in the fall. It’s like the day gives us a “bonus” hour. Just imagine what you could do with that extra time!
  2. Animals get ready: Many animals, like squirrels, start gathering food in the fall to prepare for winter. They’re almost like nature’s grocery shoppers, but their pantry is the great outdoors.
  3. Apple abundance: Fall is the prime season for apple picking. There are over 7,000 varieties of apples. That’s a lot of apple pies, crisps, and ciders to enjoy!
  4. Cornucopia symbolism: The cornucopia, often seen in fall decorations, originally comes from Greek mythology and symbolizes abundance and nourishment. It’s like nature’s gift basket!
  5. First day of fall: The first day of fall is known as the Autumnal Equinox. On this day, the length of day and night is almost equal. After that, nights start getting longer than days until the Spring Equinox balances things out again.

Pretty fall wreath line art coloring page from PrintColorFun com

5 fun fact about wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for holiday décor; they have a history and symbolism that can add some extra layers of meaning to your coloring activities. Here are a few wreath-specific tidbits:

  1. Olympic connection: In ancient Greece, wreaths made of laurel leaves were given to victors in the Olympic games. Talk about a first-place prize!
  2. Eternal cycle: The circular shape of a wreath is often seen as a symbol of eternity or the unending cycle of life. No beginning and no end, just like a circle.
  3. Harvest wreaths: In some cultures, wreaths made of wheat or other grains were hung on doors during the harvest season as a symbol of abundance and thanks.
  4. Wedding wreaths: In some traditions, brides and grooms wear wreaths made of flowers, symbolizing happiness, love, and new beginnings.
  5. Different materials: Wreaths can be made from a variety of materials, not just branches and leaves. You’ll find wreaths made out of everything from flowers and fabric to metal and wood.

You might find it fun to chat about these facts while choosing colors or adding details to your fall wreath coloring pages. It adds a whole new dimension to a simple, enjoyable activity. Happy coloring!

Autumn wreath

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