Pumpkin outline printables: 5 large blank pumpkin templates for autumn fun

Pumpkin outline printables - Blank coloring pages at PrintColorFun com
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Pumpkin outline printables - Blank coloring pages at PrintColorFun com

Celebrate fall with pumpkin outline printable pages

As the chill in the air picks up and leaves start dropping, it’s clear autumn’s knocking on the door.

And when the pumpkin patch is open for business, we know fall is getting real! But those pumpkins aren’t just for pies and lattes — they’re also the perfect shape for some art and learning.

Pumpkin outline printable template shape

Share a pumpkin outline printable or mostly-blank pumpkin shape with your little one, and it’s not just a simple sheet of paper anymore — it is a free pass to a fun afternoon filled with learning, with a side of some solid bonding time.

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A big blank pumpkin to color

Pumpkin printable: Harvesting creativity

There’s something about a blank pumpkin template that just says “let’s make something awesome!” Its friendly, round face is pretty much a blank canvas waiting for a splash of color or a snip of the scissors.

pumpkin outline printable

Coloring within the lines (or not!), cutting out a cool shape, or even learning a bit about this favorite fall squash, the enrichment possibilities are as endless as the falling leaves. Here are just a few ways we’ve found to tie fun to learning:

  • Exploration of color: Hand over the crayons and watch as the pumpkin transforms with hues of orange, yellow, and green. A simple exercise that often leads to discussions about color theory and the changing shades of autumn.
  • Fine motor skill development: Cutting out a pumpkin template printable helps refine those important motor skills. It’s not just about the cutouts, but also tracing, drawing, and eventually, writing.
  • Seasonal learning: We like to use the pumpkin template to open up dialogues about the changing seasons, the cycle of life, and the festivities that accompany this time of year.

Plain blank pumpkin printable

Printable pumpkin cutouts: Beyond the template

Pumpkin outline printables (including small ones like these) are just the beginning. The real magic happens when these templates transcend paper and become a part of larger projects.

  • Crafting adventures: Transform a simple paper pumpkin cut out into a 3D masterpiece, or perhaps string together a garland of mini pumpkin cutouts
  • Educational journeys: Incorporate the pumpkin theme into basic math or science lessons. Counting seeds, measuring pumpkins, or even exploring the growth cycle from seed to fruit.
  • Festive decorations: As the holidays approach, these free pumpkin templates can be the cornerstone of homemade decorations. Whether it’s a spooky face for Halloween or a thankful message for Thanksgiving, the humble pumpkin template is versatile.
  • Paper mache pumpkins: (If you don’t mind a little mess!) Use a balloon as a base, layers of newspaper strips dipped in glue (or a prepared mix), and the completed pumpkin cutout as a guide for shape and facial features. We learned the hard way to allow each layer of papier-mâché to dry completely before adding the next — patience is key here!
  • Pumpkin seed Art: Here’s a non-traditional way to use pumpkin seeds after the Jack-o’-lantern has been carved! Arrange and glue the rinsed and dried seeds on the pumpkin outline printable to create intricate designs or faces. We recommend a touch of paint to add a colorful twist to your seed art.
  • Nature-inspired pumpkin: Go outside and collect natural materials like leaves, twigs, or acorns to decorate the pumpkin outline printable. Make sure you press leaves under a heavy book for a day to flatten them out for easier gluing!

A big pumpkin growing

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