11 holly clipart & coloring pages for festive Christmas crafting fun

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Holly clipart and coloring pages for festive Christmas crafting fun

The magic of holly clipart and coloring pages in kid-friendly holiday activities

Holly, with its iconic red berries and spiky green leaves, is a symbol of the holiday season — it’s been a part of winter festivities for centuries. Its bright colors and unique shape make it an ideal element for arts, crafts and fun learning activities.

There’s a world of creative fun waiting for you and your child with holly clipart and coloring pages. Let’s get into some merry-making activities!

 Single piece of holly clipart to color for Christmas

Single piece of holly clipart to color for Christmas

6 Christmas-inspired craft ideas with holly coloring pages

Spread the holiday spirit with holly-themed crafts. These delightful projects will keep hands busy and hearts merry — and your child’s holly printables will transform into beautiful, functional and festive creations. Enjoy crafting!

  1. Holly paper wreath: Take multiple colored holly images, cut them out, and arrange them in a circular pattern on a cardboard ring. Secure with glue to create a festive paper wreath for the door or wall.
  2. Holly gift wrap: Use the colored holly pages as unique wrapping paper for small gifts. Pair with a green or red ribbon for a personal touch.
  3. Holly jar labels: Cut out the colored holly images, write the contents of a jar (like “sugar” or “cocoa”) on the back, laminate, and then tape or tie them around the jar’s neck. They’re perfect for kitchen jars during the festive season.
  4. Holly ornaments: Cut out the colored holly images and glue them onto cardboard. Punch a hole at the top and thread a ribbon through to create a festive tree ornament.
  5. Holly garland: String together several colored holly images with some red and green beads in between to make a festive garland.
  6. Holly bookmarks: Laminate the colored holly images and cut them into bookmark strips. Add a ribbon at the top for a festive touch.

Holly printables for the holidays: Sharp green leaves with crimson berries

Holly clipart for the holidays

Holly template

Holly-themed learning activities with coloring pages

Using holly-themed coloring pages, we can blend fun with learning. Here are some activities that weave the festive spirit of Christmas holly into an extra-enriching activity:

  1. Holly math: Count the number of leaves and berries on a holly coloring page. Practice simple addition and subtraction problems.
  2. Holly vocabulary: Use the holly image to introduce words like “evergreen,” “berries,” and “festive.” Discuss their meanings and use in sentences.
  3. Pattern making: Color different holly leaves in alternating colors to create patterns. It’s a visual treat and helps with pattern recognition.
  4. Life cycle of holly: Discuss the growth stages of a holly plant, from seed to full-grown plant with berries.
  5. Holly’s history: Find out why holly is associated with the festive season and its significance in various cultures. Scroll on for some fun facts about holly you can share!

6 pieces of winter holly template

6 pieces of winter holly clipart to color

9 pieces of pretty holly clipart to color

9 pieces of pretty holly to color

Holly-centric fun facts for young learners

Holly is used for much more than just decorating throughout the holiday season. Here are some intriguing facts about holly that kids might find fascinating:

  1. Holly trees can live up to 100 years!
  2. Birds love to eat holly berries, but they’re dangerous for humans.
  3. In nature, the sharp edges of holly leaves can help protect the plant from animals that might want to munch on it.
  4. There are more than 400 different species of holly plants worldwide.
  5. Not all holly berries are red. Some holly plants produce yellow or even black berries!
  6. Holly is often used as a decorative plant because it stays green all year long.
  7. The wood from holly trees is sometimes used to make chess pieces.
  8. The pointed edges of holly leaves are believed to resemble the crown of thorns from Christian lore.
  9. In some cultures, holly is believed to ward off evil spirits.
  10. The ancient Celtic people used holly in their winter solstice celebrations thousands of years ago, believing it brought good luck.

With these crafty ideas, learning tasks, and tidbits about this unique plant, the festive season can be both fun and educational for young minds. Enjoy the holly jolly activities!

Holiday holly printable

Holly holiday coloring

Sprig of holly plant – colouring page

Beautiful sprig of holly plant - colouring page

Pretty and detailed holly clipart to color

Detailed holly plant to color

Beautiful holly leaves and berries

Beautiful holly leaves and berries to color

Detailed holly plant pattern coloring for adults

Detailed holly plant pattern coloring page

Holly pattern with Christmas ornaments printable

Holly pattern with Christmas ornaments to color

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