US Presidents coloring pages: Printables of the first 42 American leaders

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21. US President Chester A Arthur

21. US Presidents coloring pages of Chester A Arthur

22 & 24. US President Grover Cleveland

President Cleveland’s middle name was Grover — his first name was Stephen.

22 and 24. US President Grover Cleveland

23. US President Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin Harrison’s grandfather was the ninth president, William Henry Harrison.

23. US Presidents coloring pages: Benjamin Harrison

25. US President William McKinley

25. US President William McKinley

26. US Presidents coloring pages: Theodore Roosevelt

Ever heard of a Teddy bear? They were called that because of this President’s nickname.

26. US President Theodore Roosevelt

27. US President William Taft

Taft was the first President to own (and drive) a car — or automobile, as they usually called them then.
27. US President William Taft

28. US Presidents coloring pages: Woodrow Wilson

President Wilson’s middle name was Woodrow — his first name was Thomas.

28. US President Woodrow Wilson

29. US President Warren Harding

Warren Harding had been a newspaper publisher before he became President.  He owned and operated The Marion Star in Marion, Ohio.

29. US Presidents coloring pages: Warren Harding

30. US Presidents coloring pages: Calvin Coolidge

President Coolidge’s middle name was Calvin — his first name at birth was John.

30. US President Calvin Coolidge

31. US President Herbert Hoover

31. US President Herbert Hoover

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