Happy New Year clipart & coloring extravaganza: Craft, learn and celebrate!

Happy New Year clipart and coloring at PrintColorFun com
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Happy New Year clipart & coloring pages add sparkle to HNY celebrations

New Year’s Eve is a time of excitement and anticipation. As the countdown begins, families everywhere look for ways to make this occasion special and memorable.

One fantastic way to add a personalized touch to your celebrations is by making good use of our printable New Year’s collection! Whether you want “Happy New Year!” clipart, New Year coloring pages, or just some festive decorations, these drawings & decorations can bring a creative flair to your holiday activities.

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The history of New Year’s celebrations

New Year’s Day is like a birthday for the whole world, and it’s been celebrated for thousands of years! Let’s take a quick trip back in time to see how this special day has evolved.

Ancient times: Around 4,000 years ago, people in ancient Babylon were among the first to celebrate a new year. They had a big festival in late March, when day and night were of equal length. They called it Akitu, and it was a time for fun and also to crown a new king or celebrate the current one.

Roman changes: Fast forward to about 2,000 years ago, when Julius Caesar decided to fix the calendar. He said the new year would start on January 1 to honor Janus, the Roman god with two faces who could look back into the past and forward to the future. That’s why we celebrate New Year’s Day in January now!

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Medieval times: In the Middle Ages in Europe, people weren’t sure when to celebrate the new year. At various times and in various places throughout medieval Christian Europe, the new year was celebrated on December 25, March 1, March 25, and Easter.

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A modern twist: The adoption of the Gregorian calendar (the one we still use today!) by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 restored January 1 as New Year’s Day. Most Catholic countries adopted the Gregorian calendar almost immediately, but it took longer among Protestant countries.

The British, for example, did not adopt the reformed calendar until 1752. Until then, the British Empire — and their American colonies — still celebrated the new year in March.

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So, when you’re watching fireworks or singing songs on New Year’s Eve, remember that people have been celebrating this special day for a very, very long time, each in their own special way. It’s a time to say goodbye to the old year and welcome all the fun and surprises the new year might bring!

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Craft time with happy New Year clipart

It’s time to get crafty! New Year’s clipart offers endless possibilities for family fun. You can create beautiful Happy New Year coloring pages, design festive banners, or even make a DIY countdown clock (instructions below). These projects are not only fun but also a great way for your kids to express their creativity.

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Here’s how to make a DIY countdown clock for your New Year’s celebration!

Involve your kids in crafting a simple yet festive DIY countdown clock for New Year’s Eve. This activity combines creativity and learning, making the anticipation of the new year even more exciting.

Gather your materials: You’ll need a piece of cardboard or a sturdy paper plate, New Year’s clipart, colorful markers, paint, and a brad (paper fastener). Don’t forget two strips of cardboard for the clock hands.

Decorate and assemble: Let your kids decorate the clock face with paints, markers, and New Year’s clipart. Then, cut out the cardboard strips for the clock hands, attach them with the brad at the center of the clock face, and ensure they can move. Write the numbers around the clock face or use clipart for a whimsical touch.

Add a countdown twist: Encourage your kids to move the hands as they count down to the New Year, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation.

This DIY countdown clock is not only a creative project but also a great keepsake to remember the New Year’s celebration. It’s a perfect blend of fun, learning, and family time, bringing the spirit of the New Year into your home in a unique way.

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Educational activities using New Year clipart

Learning can be fun, especially when it involves clipart! Use new years templates to teach your kids about calendars and the significance of dates. Encourage them to set New Year’s resolutions and represent them visually using clipart. Explore global New Year traditions and use clipart as a visual aid to make learning more engaging.

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New Year’s games and fun with clipart

Who said clipart is just for crafts? Turn it into a game! Organize a New Year’s Bingo night, create a memory match game for your little ones, or set up a clipart scavenger hunt. These games are perfect for keeping the festive spirit high and making learning fun.

Happy New Year coloring clipart from PrintColorFun com (3)

Decorating with New Year clipart

Bring the New Year spirit into your home with decorations made from clipart. Customize party hats, create unique table settings, and even decorate rooms with new year clipart. This is a wonderful way to get the whole family involved in the festive preparations.

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Enriching reads for the New Year

Discovering new traditions and stories about the New Year can be a fun way to engage with the holiday. Here are five delightful books that delve into the spirit of the New Year, perfect for young readers:

  1. Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution by Pat Miller: This charming story helps children understand the concept of resolutions and is a great tool for discussing goals and aspirations for the new year.
  2. Happy New Year, Spot! by Eric Hill: Join Spot in this New Year’s adventure, which is a delightful read for young children, exploring themes of friendship and celebration.
  3. Shante Keys and the New Year’s Peas by Gail Piernas-Davenport: This vibrant tale provides a look into cultural traditions, perfect for teaching children about the diverse ways New Year’s is celebrated.
  4. The Night Before New Year’s by Natasha Wing: A part of Wing’s beloved series, this book captures the excitement and joy of New Year’s Eve in a story that resonates with children.
  5. Every Month Is a New Year by Marilyn Singer: Explore global New Year’s traditions in this beautifully illustrated book, offering a unique perspective on how different cultures celebrate the turn of the year.

Reading these books with your children can be a wonderful addition to your New Year’s traditions, providing a mix of fun, education, and family bonding time.

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Happy New Year coloring page clipart from PrintColorFun com

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Happy New Year color clipart from PrintColorFun com (4)

Happy New Year coloring clipart from PrintColorFun com (2)

Happy New Year coloring clipart from PrintColorFun com (5)

Happy New Year coloring clipart from PrintColorFun com (6)

Happy New Year color clipart from PrintColorFun com (1)

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