12 Christmas present clipart & coloring pages, plus quick & easy activities you can do with ’em

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Christmas present clipart and coloring pages at PrintColorFun com

Quick holiday activities with Christmas present clipart printables

‘Tis the season for holiday crafts, and one fun way to get into the spirit is to start by printing these Christmas present coloring pages!

These versatile little pieces of art can do more than occupy your little one for a 15-minute coloring session — they’re the foundation for a sleigh-full of activities that you and your young ones will love.

So, let’s get those scissors and glue sticks ready for a merry crafting session! These Christmas presents — with all their boxes and bows and bags — can be made as simple or as spectacular as you and your kids like.

Lots of pretty Christmas presents clipart & coloring pages - PrintColorFun com

Christmas gift coloring pages clipart at PrintColorFun com (2)

Transform Christmas present printables into festive fun

Christmas present coloring pages offer lots of opportunities for you and your child to get creative. It’s a fantastic way to bond and also helps your little one develop fine motor skills. Here’s how you can bring clipart to life this holiday season.

Lots of festive holiday gifts coloring page - PrintColorFun com

  • Puzzle pieces delight: Create a jigsaw puzzle using a large Christmas present printable. Once colored in, laminate the page, cut it into pieces, and watch your child’s excitement as they piece their Christmas masterpiece back together.
  • Custom gift tags: Transform colored pages into unique gift tags. Cut out the images, punch a hole, and tie with ribbon to add a personal touch to every present.

This stack of presents could even be for a birthday party!

Christmas gift coloring pages clipart at PrintColorFun com (3)

Cute Chrsitmas gift bags

Christmas gift coloring pages clipart at PrintColorFun com (1)

  • Ornament extravaganza: Use Christmas present templates as the base for homemade tree ornaments. Let your child’s imagination run wild with glitter, sequins, and paint for a special touch to the tree.
  • Coloring contests: Host a coloring contest with a selection of Christmas present coloring pages. It’s a fantastic activity for a holiday playdate and everyone’s a winner with their own colored masterpiece.
  • Math with presents: Use the presents on the coloring pages for simple math activities, such as counting, adding or subtracting the number of presents.

A big pile of Christmas presents coloring page - PrintColorFun com

Where did the idea of Christmas presents come from anyway?

Here are some ways to explain traditional gift-giving to children with a look at the history of exchanging surprises. 

Did you know that giving gifts during winter time is a really old tradition? Even before Santa Claus started delivering presents, people celebrated the coldest season with gifts.

Fun Christmas present boxes coloring page - PrintColorFun com

A long time ago, the Romans had a big festival called Saturnalia for their god of farming, Saturn, and they gave each other presents for good luck. The Norse, who were people living in places like Norway, had a festival called Yule where they gave gifts to celebrate the sun coming back after lots of dark winter days.

Pile of Christmas presents with ribbons and bows at PrintColorFun com

When people started celebrating Christmas, they remembered the story of the wise men, who were like the first Christmas gift-givers when they brought presents to baby Jesus. At first, people gave gifts at New Year’s, but then it became a fun part of Christmas.

Beautiful boxes of Christmas presents coloring page - PrintColorFun com
And you’ve probably heard of Saint Nicholas, a kind man from a long time ago who loved to give gifts to those who needed them. Over time, stories of his kindness helped create the Santa Claus we know today, who climbs down the chimney to leave presents.

So when you give someone a present, it’s like you’re part of a very old tradition that makes people feel warm and happy inside!

A Christmas tree with presents coloring page - PrintColorFun com

Fun facts for little learners: Did you know that the largest gift ever given was the Statue of Liberty? France gave it to the United States in 1886 — now that’s a big present! And, in the animal kingdom, some animals give gifts too. Penguins often present pebbles as a sign of affection. Isn’t that sweet?

Christmas gifts in front of a decorated Christmas tree coloring page - PrintColorFun com

Christmas present coloring pages clipart at PrintColorFun com (3)

Christmas present coloring pages clipart at PrintColorFun com (1)

Christmas present coloring pages clipart at PrintColorFun com (2)

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