Top 100 magical unicorn coloring pages: The ultimate (free!) printable collection

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100 free printable unicorn coloring pages

Stories of the marvelous, magical, mythical unicorn have been passed down from generation to generation for more than two thousand years. To help capture a little bit of the fantasy fun,  download or print some of the 100 free unicorn coloring pages here!

The history of unicorns

Unicorns have fascinated humans for centuries, showing up in myths and folklore across different cultures. In the West, they often symbolize purity and innocence. Head to the East, and you’ll encounter the Qilin, a creature akin to a unicorn but with distinct dragon-like features, symbolizing prosperity and serenity.

During the medieval times, unicorns were taken so seriously they appeared in bestiaries — books that detailed both real and imagined animals. These mythical creatures have even been mentioned by explorers like Marco Polo, although his description sounds more like a rhinoceros.

So, while today’s unicorns are mostly the stuff of fantasy, their rich history spans multiple cultures and centuries, making them a captivating subject far beyond modern day interpretations.

Why do we love unicorns?

Unicorns have an irresistible allure, blending mystery with a touch of whimsy. For many, these creatures symbolize hope, imagination, and endless possibilities. Kids often find the idea of unicorns enchanting, and let’s face it, the allure often extends to adults as well.

Unicorns are fantastic for sparking imagination. With their vibrant manes and shimmering coats, these unicorn coloring pages are a blank canvas just waiting for your child’s creativity to bring them to life. Is today a rainbow and glitter kind of day? Perfect for a unicorn! Maybe your kiddo sees themselves as a brave adventurer? A unicorn can be a noble steed.

The endless ways to envision a unicorn make it a fantastic fit for any child’s unique sense of self. It’s this magical blend of mystery and personal flair that keeps us loving unicorns, whether we’re 6 or 60.

100 free unicorn coloring pages

Learning activities to pair with unicorn coloring pages

Adding a few educational twists to your coloring activities can make the experience even more rewarding. Consider these suggestions:

  1. Connect with history: Share stories about unicorns from different cultures while coloring.
  2. Talk science: Discuss the biology of real-life animals that resemble unicorns, like narwhals or horses.
  3. Craft a narrative: Encourage your child to create a story based on the unicorn scene they’ve colored.

Get extra creative with unicorn coloring pages

While crayons and colored pencils are classics, why not mix it up a little?

  • Texturize it: Use fabric, felt, or sandpaper to add tactile dimensions.
  • Bring on the bling: Add some sparkle with sequins or glitter glue.
  • Watercolor wonder: Try painting the pages for a different visual effect.

The legendary unicorn

So, what are unicorns supposed to look like? In the past, they have often been said to be white horse-like creatures with a single gold or silver horn. If we want to look back almost a century, you can read this short description from a sonnet written by Thomas S Jones back in 1931:

Roses grow reddest through a briery hedge,
There, baffled hunters, pierced by barb and thorn,
Behold, far off, the silver unicorn,
Flame-like and still upon a mossy ledge;
Lilies bloom whitest at the water’s edge.
And there, with starlight on his crystal horn,
At orange evening and at amber morn,
He drinks amid the pooled and purple sedge.

Today, though, people often like to make unicorns far more colorful! You will often find them wearing pastel colors (especially pink and purple) or vivid jewel-tones. Star, sparkles, rainbows, clouds and more.

While the animals with a single horn may be the stuff of legend, on the unicorn coloring pages below, they can be made completely real by your favorite kiddo — or you.

All you need to do is pick your favorites of the hundred fantastic creatures below… then print, color and dream.

1) Unicorn over the rainbow

Cute unicorn on a rainbow

2) A happy unicorn coloring page

Unicorn coloring pages from PrintColorFun com (11)

3) Unicorn leaping

Unicorn printable coloring pages10

4) Unicorn with a curly mane

Unicorn coloring pages from PrintColorFun com (9)

5) Coloring page of a unicorn prancing

Unicorn coloring pages from PrintColorFun com (8)

6) Unicorn coloring page – Long flowing mane

Unicorn coloring pages from PrintColorFun com (4)

7) Unicorn printable decoration

Unicorn coloring pages from PrintColorFun com (1)

8) Smiling unicorn coloring page

Unicorn coloring pages from PrintColorFun com (14)

9) Unicorn floating with a bunch of balloons

Free unicorn with balloons coloring page

10) Unicorn with a balloon

Unicorn printable coloring pages9

11) Cute unicorn coloring page

Unicorn coloring pages from PrintColorFun com (13)

12) A silly unicorn sitting on a cloud

Unicorn printable coloring pages11

13) Beautiful unicorn coloring page

Unicorn printable coloring pages2

14) A unicorn with a blog flower

Unicorn printable coloring pages3

15) A girl hugging a unicorn on a rainbow

Unicorn printable coloring pages4

16) Little unicorn coloring page

Unicorn printable coloring pages5

17) Two happy unicorns

Unicorn coloring pages from PrintColorFun com (12)

18) This unicorn can play guitar

Unicorn printable coloring pages6

19) Printable unicorn to color

Unicorn coloring pages free10

20) Fancy unicorn in a circle of stars

Unicorn coloring pages from PrintColorFun com (3)


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